Green House Tavern

Yes, I am deciding that after tonight that I will blog alot more and mainly about food and what it is that I do on a daily basis.
So with that being said tonight my wife, best friend Adam and his wife Jenn we all went out to the Green House Tavern for a chance to meet some bloggers, twitters and fun people and good food.
So we went and I met alot of great people that I hope to become friends with and I met my favorite chef ever and that yes is Michael Symon. We got our picture taken with him and that will get posted at a later time. Tonight I am just really tired and need to get going to bed since I need to travel back to Virginia in the morning.
I will post some more Sunday since I am going to bed now and driving tomorrow and working an all day Christmas Party in DC for our Military Members and families of service members who lost loved ones in the War on Terrorism. Yes I am a veteran of deploying over there myself 3 times and thankfully I have returned safe and sound. So with that being said lets always keep our men and women in our prayers who are fighting for what we hold so dear to our hearts.
I promise I will blog more soon and I am going to start blogging about my daily chef type stuff and what is going on in our lives. Good night my friends.